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Our Committees

The work done by our volunteers is organized across different committees, each focused on achieving different aspects of our goals. 

Urban Restoration & Enhancement

The URE committee is dedicated to our volunteer-driven hands-on activities that are directly improving the health of the Seine River greenway. This includes our Landcare program, as well as other initiatives focused on ecological restoration, litter cleanup, tree planting, and more.

The URE committee is also working to improve forest health throughout the greenway, with a strong focus on the removal of the invasive European buckthorn. Read more here.

River Corridor Development & Policy

The River Corridor Development and Policy Committee carries out advocacy towards the preservation of the environment in the face of encroaching infrastructure and residential development along the Seine River.


The Committee represents SOS in the City of Winnipeg's preparation for a Greenspace and Natural Areas Plan and a Biodiversity Policy. This committee is also in the process of submitting a proposal for our area to be considered as an Urban National Park.

Public Education & Awarness

The PAE committee is focused on raising awareness and educating the public on the importance of maintaining and enhancing the Seine River Greenway.


The committee creates and coordinates public displays, guided tours, and presentations to classrooms of all ages. We partner with individuals and groups to increase public engagement and foster meaningful connections between the public and the Seine River.


This committee provides expertise on the importance of the Seine River, from our modern conservation to the location’s historical significance, encouraging people to advocate for, and enjoy the beautiful space we protect.

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Other Committees
  • Summer Program Advisory Committee: Provides general advice to the SOS Managing Director on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the annual Summer Team Program and reports to the Board of Directors on Committee Activities.

  • Governance Committee: Develops and maintains SOS bylaws and operational policies; establishes the "rules of operation" of SOS.

  • Finance Committee: Looks after the finances of SOS as a whole.

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