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Our Committees

The work done by our volunteers is organized across different committees, each focused on achieving different aspects of our goals. 

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Urban Restoration & Enhancement (URE)

The URE committee is dedicated to our volunteer-driven hands-on activities that are directly improving the health of the Seine River greenway.
The goal of this initiative is to apply innovative approaches to restore, preserve and enhance the ecology and the biodiversity of the Urban Seine River and its Greenway that will lead to:

• measurable environmental results,
• provide opportunities for partners and the community to engage,
• enhance capacity to take action, and • lead to sustainable results and engagement."
This includes initiatives focused on ecological restoration, litter cleanup, tree planting, and more.

The URE committee is also working to improve forest health throughout the greenway, with a strong focus on the removal of the invasive European buckthorn. This involves our Landcare program, collaborating with our volunteer Landcare Stewards who organize and host landcare events focused on invasive species management along the Seine river during the summer.

The URE also includes the developing SOS Water Sampling Program (Citizen Scientist). Committee members assist in developing the program and offer feedback on the program's parameters and implementation.

Summer Program Advisory Committee

The Summer Program Advisory Committee collaborates closely with SOS Staff in organizing, implementation, and assessing the yearly Summer Team Program. This committee provides input, feedback and recommendations on selection, interviewing, training, and program timing for the River Keeper members of the Summer Team.

Active only in the spring and summer each year.

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Public Awareness and Education Committee (PAEC)

The PAEC is focused on raising awareness and educating the public on the importance of maintaining and enhancing the Seine River Greenway.

The committee creates and coordinates public displays, guided tours, and presentations to classrooms of all ages. We partner with individuals and groups to increase public engagement and foster meaningful connections between the public and the Seine River.

This committee provides expertise on the importance of the Seine River, from our modern conservation to the location’s historical significance, encouraging people to advocate for, and enjoy the beautiful space we protect.

Seine River Corridor Development Advisory Committee

The Seine River Corridor Development Advisory Committee promotes preservation, enhancement and public accessibility of areas along and near the Seine River Greenway that could or are being affected by residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure development. The Committee engages in advocacy, facilitates and participates in planning and regulatory processes and facilitates implementation. 


Among other endeavours, the The Committee currently represents SOS in:

- the City of Winnipeg's preparation for a Greenspace and Natural Corridors Plan and  Biodiversity Policy.

- preparation of and advocacy for a proposal to create an Urban National Park that radiated from the junction of the Seine and Red rivers and

-  advocacy for planning and development of a new urban park on the east side of the Seine River between Creek Bend Road and the Perimeter Highway

- advocacy for protection of the Lemay Forest in St. Norbert from residential development 


Governance Committee

The Governance committee oversees the organization's governance structure, policies, and practices. This committee consists of board members and external stakeholders who ensure that the organization operates ethically, legally, and in alignment with its mission.


The committee is responsible for organizational risk management and ensuring compliance with regulations.The governance committee also supports board member recruitment, orientation, training, and evaluation, as well as reviewing and updating bylaws, policies and procedures.

Nominations Committee

Manages the nominees to be elected as new Board Directors. The committee gathers to identify and interview candidates, compile the candidate bios and information, and to create the SOS Nominations Report. Working on this committee is an excellent opportunity to meet with prospective Board Directors who are interested in becoming more engaged with SOS and working towards restoration and protection of the Seine River and surrounding greenway.


Active only for ~3 months leading up to the AGM.

AGM & Annual Report

This is more of a task force than an official committee. Committee members help to plan and organize the SOS Annual General Meeting in the spring of each year. Also works closely with SOS staff to help coordinate the preparation of our Annual Report (which summarizes all of our activities of the previous year).

Active only for ~3 months leading up to the AGM.

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