Projects & Initiatives

Save Our Seine is engaged in a wide variety of activities and initiatives across five program areas: Preserve & Protect, Restore & Repair, Education & Awareness, River Access, and Fundraising.


Many of these are standalone projects executed by SOS. Some are individual components of larger, far-reaching projects. Others represent the involvement of SOS in government or private sector projects. Most importantly, they are all part of working towards our goals and vision for the Seine River environment.

Explore below to learn more about what we do!

Preserve & Protect

Working and advocating for the protection of existing natural areas and habitat

2001 - 2008

Following years of lobbying and fundraising, this pristine, 82-acre urban riverbottom forest was saved from development.

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SOS attempted to reduce the environmental impact of an area adjacent to the Seine undergoing residential development.

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1995 - 2010

The siphon allowing the Seine River to bypass the Red River Floodway hindered the Seine until its reconstruction in 2010.

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Restore & Repair

Improving the health of the Seine River and surrounding ecosystems; restoring natural areas degraded by invasive species and human activity. 

1992 - 2010

This former site of a shingle manufacturing facility was highly polluted until a major cleanup in 2009.

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Tree Plantings


Tree plantings have been a core activity of SOS since our early years, providing greenery and bank stabilization.

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Community volunteers control invasive plants and encourage native species to promote biodiversity.

Urban River Keepers


Each summer, we hire a team of youths to actively clean and care for the river and surrounding natural areas.

Niakwa Trail Rain Garden


Our rain garden demonstrates the natural filtration of stormwater runoff while providing food for birds and pollinators.

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Education & Awareness

Providing educational information and events for the public

InSeine Art


Students create artwork using natural materials and pigments collected from the banks of the Seine River.


This informational, decorative wall map of the urban Seine River explores the river's flora, fauna, and history.

Interpretive Signs


Interpretive signs are installed at various locations along the Seine River Greenway trails with maps and information.

Public Tours


SOS offers tours of the Seine River and surrounding trails to educate the public on the nature and history of the area.


This informational, decorative wall map shows the entire Seine River watershed with interesting facts about the river.


In partnership with local schools, students learn about waterways and the natural environment with a hands-on approach.

River Access

Improving access to the Seine River for all members of the community

2019 - 2020

This custom-designed dock will allow all members of the community to easily and safely enjoy the Seine from the water.

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Walking trails are developed and maintained to connect our community to the nature in our collective backyard.

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