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Fast Facts

Objective: To actively engage local people in the practical preservation and restoration of the natural ecological habitat along the urban Seine River

Location: The entire urban Seine River Greenway

The SOS Landcare initiative focuses on restoring the health of the Seine River Greenway. Our work consists of tree and shrub planting, weeding, and garbage removal to help keep the greenway clean and healthy.

Regular Land Care Events are held throughout the warmer month. All are welcome! Apply as a volunteer if you are interesting in lending a hand.


Champions-Citizen Scientist Initiative

For the 2021 season, Landcare is launching our new Champion Citizen Scientist Initiative.  This first year will be a pilot program to help us learn and understand the best way to approach this work. Our goal is to improve the ecological state of the Seine River Greenway and gather information to contribute to the ongoing ecological assessment of the Seine River Greenway.

The SOS Landcare Champions-Citizen Scientist initiative serves as the “boots on the ground” volunteers who care for and provide ecological information as feedback to SOS. We are building upon the previous efforts established in the Landcare initiative, including continued work with Landcare volunteers from previous years. This new strategy provides a systematic way of carrying out ecological work in addition to gathering information from an engaged group of people. Landcare Champions are identified for selected regions of the greenway who self-organize groups of volunteers. Champions will determine the days/times to work and be in touch with their own volunteers for each specific Landcare event. These SOS Landcare regional groups then carry out land care activities based on advice from the Landcare committee.


Restore and repair the Seine River Greenway

The Landcare Committee, chaired by Wilma Sotas, and together with its volunteers, continued working along the Seine River Greenway in their efforts to remove invasive species. As well,  the Niakwa Trail Rain Garden was chosen as the location for a pilot project which consisted of the installation of nesting homes for native solitary bees to encourage pollination in the garden.


Flowering Shrubs of The Legend

Planting flowering shrubs on the land between The Legend condos and the river was made possible by several partnerships. Where the City of Winnipeg, Wilma Sotas and Michele Kading donated the seeds, plants and the flowering shrubs.  While Kristin Tuchscherer, the City’s Naturalist provided the necessary expertise and guidance to the Landcare Team. Thirty-four flowering shrubs (including 10 hawthorn, 9 hazelnut, 5 high bush cranberry, 5 saskatoon, and 5 wild blackcurrant shrubs) were provided by the City of Winnipeg, along with protective wire to create cages for each shrub. However, the prime commitment came from one of the Landcare volunteers, Brian Crow. Who together with the residents of the condo block agreed to maintain and water the shrubs for two years following planting.