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Support Save Our Seine by becoming a member!

  • Member fees support SOS programs, activities, and annual operation

  • Members have a voice in how SOS is governed (by electing board members, approving bylaws, etc.)

  • Members give SOS credibility and clout to achieve its mandate by proving that the organization represents a larger community of members, donors, volunteers, and supporters

A membership is $20 per person per year, active from January 1 to December 31, non-prorated. Your membership will be applied to the year during which you pay it. You must be over 18 years of age to be eligible for membership. While you will not receive any physical items with your membership, you will:

  • Receive a tax receipt by email as soon as the membership is paid,

  • Receive our regular E-News by email with updates on the organization and our projects,

  • Receive advance notice on some events such as webinars,

  • Have the right to vote at any annual general meeting or special meeting of the members,

  • Have the right to be elected as a Board Director of SOS, and

  • Have the right to participate in committees of SOS.

If you wish to make an anonymous donation or to donate without becoming a member, please visit our donation page. Membership fees and donations are administered through CanadaHelps.


You may pay your membership by cheque (find our mailing address here), but online payments are preferred.
Please be informed that the data gathered shall solely be used for the purpose of keeping its members informed on SOS activities and to conduct analytics to keep track of its membership. No personal data will be disclosed with any third parties.

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