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Interpretive Signs

One of Save Our Seine’s objectives “To raise public education & awareness of the Seiner River
greenway.” One of the ways SOS accomplishes this is by installing interpretive signs along the greenway. If you’re familiar with the greenway, you’ve likely seen interpretive signs, from those in Lagimodière-Gaboury Park to those along the South Trail near the Perimeter.

Interpretive signs help to share knowledge and stories with the people who use the trails along the river. Through these signs, natural, cultural and historical information is communicated. Armed with greater knowledge, people who use the trails and read the interpretive signs may be inspired to become greater stewards of the Seine River and the environment in general.

In 2013, large signs were installed by the city at the entrances to Bois Des Esprits Trail. On these, you’ll find a map of the trails within Bois des Esprits, the type of trail surface on each trail as well as points of interest within the forest. The design of these signs is consistent with other greenway and parkway trail signage across the city. You will see similarly designed signs along the Gabrielle Roy Trail and the Gabriel Dufault Trail.

In 2019, Save Our Seine installed several smaller green signs along the greenway. These signs are great
because they allow the information contained within the sign to be updated regularly. SOS is currently
working on the first set of interpretive posters for those signs.

If you have any suggestions for topics that could be discussed in one of our interpretive signs, please
send us a message to let us know.

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