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Accessible Dock

Fast Facts

Objective: To make the Seine River accessible by canoe & kayak to people of all abilities

Location: Pedestrian bridge at John Bruce Road

Completion: December 2020

As part of the Seine River Greenspaces Enhancement Project, an accessible dock was installed on the Seine River near John Bruce Road. This dock is the first of its kind in Winnipeg, allowing community members with various abilities, families and those new to watercraft to enjoy the waters of the Seine River by canoe or kayak.

The dock is a custom design created in partnership with Scatliff+Miller+Murray and the City of Winnipeg. It is built into the riverbank, allowing users to comfortably embark their watercraft from solid ground and then launch into the river.

Project Supporters

SOS is thankful to all who have contributed funding for this project. It certainly could not have been possible without this generous support.

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Building Sustainable Communities Grant

Councillor Brian Mayes, ward account

Councillor Kevin Klein, Land Dedication Reserve Fund

Councillor Shawn Nason, Land Dedication Reserve Fund

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