Greenspaces Enhancement Project

Fast Facts

Objective: To improve accessibility to the Seine River while protecting its natural spaces

Years Active: 2019 - 2020

The Seine River Greenspace Enhancement Project includes several initiatives focused on connecting people with the Seine River as well as enhancing natural habitats. As Winnipeg grows, so too does the use of its remaining natural spaces. While it's wonderful that people are spending time in nature, the increasing human activity is eroding riverbanks, damaging sensitive vegetation, and degrading upland habitats. This project aims to enhance the use and appreciation of the Seine River Greenway while protecting its natural spaces.

This project aims to:

  • Restore native prairie on the upper banks of the river

  • Repair steep sections of eroding riverbank

  • Enhance floodplain trails to protect vegetation and improve safety

  • Install interpretive signs

  • Create an interpretive node for small tour groups

  • Improve public launch sites for canoes and kayaks

  • Create Winnipeg’s first land-integrated accessible kayak/canoe dock 

The accessible dock will be the first of its kind in Winnipeg. While more funding is still needed, the goal is to install a dock that will be usable by a variety of people with a range of abilities, ages and sizes. Project partners: The City of Winnipeg and Scatliff+Miller+Murray. 

Project Supporters

SOS is thankful to all who have contributed funding for this project. We are still seeking more funding for the accessible dock, which will be a showcase of accessible design for the City of Winnipeg. 

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