Past Presidents

The Past Metamorphosed The Future

2019 - 2014
Denis Gautron
2014 - 2011
Denis DePape
2011 - 2009
David Watson
2009 - 2008
Tammy Rutherford
2008 - 2006
Suzanne Gessler
2006 - 2003
Beverly Sawchuk
2003 - 2000
Jules Legal

Established vision of the Seine River Greenway, a network of trail running the length of the river,  and obtained funding for BDE Park Plan.

2000 - 199?
Harold Thwaites

To improve the health of the Riparian Zone funds were secured for the riffles project along the banks of the River.  Thus, continuing Save Our Seine efforts and campaign on improving the water levels within the Seine River.  The riffles (stone weir and/or artificially constructed rapids) aimed to enhance the Seine River's aquatic habitat, by increasing water levels; provide cooler water temperatures; increase the dissolved oxygen (DO); reduce erosion and also improve vegetation along the bank. 

???? - ????
Jean-Pierre Brunet

Mr. Brunet continued working on his predecessor’s legacy, by not only focusing on establishing the St. Boniface Interpretive Trail Network (which passed through St. Vital and St. Boniface and its northern section was most commonly known as "The Secret Forest" and/or "Seine River Parkway") but also cleaning the River from the concrete blocks which were a constant impediment to the flow of water.

???? - ????
Robert Tinker

Save Our Seine efforts in cleaning the natural sections and areas along the Seine River continued.  However, he also initiated the process of that led to the establishment of the St. Boniface Interpretive Trail.  A trail where its audience would experience the diverse ecology that characterized more than 52 km of shoreline.

???? - 1994
Jean Dunmire

Ms. Dunmire was the first appointed President for Save Our Seine which it was established as an Environmental Incorporation.  During her tenure, she authored position papers to the three levels of Government. Additionally, she was part of the Steering Committee (July 1994 - June 1995) that oversaw the Seine River Hydrology Study.  The first SOS Green Team was also established during her presidential years.

1994 - 1900
Peggy Venables

An Egerton Road resident, who chaired the original Save Our Seine Stewardship Committee.  A Committee which work very hard to enhance the natural environment of the Seine River.  Thus, the first ever river cleanup by the community was organized by them on October 13, 1990.  This was the roadmap that led Save Our Seine in becoming Incorporated on July of 1994.

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