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  • Save Our Seine

SOS Receives Casera Credit Union Community Awards

In recognition of Save Our Seine’s inspiring work, Casera Credit Union presented two

awards to SOS at their annual general meeting on September 16, 2020.

The 2020 Casera Community Leadership Award was presented to Denis Gautron, the Past-

President of SOS (2012-2019). Over the years, Denis has spent countless hours leading the

Board through its decision-making, representing the organization in meetings and

negotiations with the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba and acting as a public-

school liaison and bilingual media and community spokesperson for SOS. Under his

leadership, SOS has grown and the Greenway has become a much-loved natural experience

for Winnipeggers of all ages. SOS is proud of the wonderful accomplishments of Denis and

congratulates him on the much-deserved recognition.

SOS also received the 2020 Casera Community Enrichment Award. Brent Thomas, CEO of

Casera Credit Union and Serena Streilein, Executive Assistant to the CEO, presented the

award. Laurie Ringeart, SOS President, and Anita Moyse, SOS Secretary, received the

award on behalf of SOS. The award is in tribute to SOS’s dedication and hard work in

protecting a historically significant yet neglected waterway in the St. Vital area.

Denis Gautron, Laurie Ringeart, and Anita Moyse with the Community Enrichment Award. Photo by Casera Credit Union.

Through community river cleanups, environmental advocacy, and public programming,

SOS has evolved into a respected environmental protector, campaigner, negotiator and

educator. SOS is grateful to Casera Credit union for their contributions totaling over $100,000 between

2007 and 2019 in support of community programs and events that foster leadership and

enhance our neighborhoods.


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